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LS-L300,LS-L500R High Power Laser Cleaning Equipment

●300 or 500W average power
●Peak power up to 400kw
●Intelligent man-machine interface touch screen
●Laser can be integrated into existing production lines by 485 signals
●10 meter optical fiber transmission (optional up to 50 meters lo

LS-L300R, LS-L500R is high power diode-pumped solid-state laser cleaning equipment, mainly for industrial products paint stripping, rust removal and high-value components cleaning applications. Enormous power not only have no damage to the object to be cleaned,but also no pollution to the environment. Applications include: combine parts, surface cleaning before welding, paint stripping on metal surface (full stripping, semi-stripping or designated part of stripping), rust removal on steel and various industrial products or mold cleaning. LS-L300R, LS-L500R,no need of supplies,with stable performance and simple routine maintenance, is the most cost-effective main model for laser cleaning.

Technical advantages

300 or 500W average power

Peak power up to 400kw

Intelligent man-machine interface touch screen

Laser can be integrated into existing production lines by 485 signals

10 meter optical fiber transmission (optional up to 50 meters long)

A variety of handles optional

One-dimensional or two-dimensional scanning handle optional

Modular design, flexible and optional form

Diode pumped solid state laser

Air cooling system

With process parameters storage function

LAN remote online upgrade

Technical Parameters

Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm3 ]1550x650*970
Weight [ kg ]340KG
CoolingAir Cooling
Power [ w ]300/500
Wavelength[ nm ]1062
Driver3x16 A,400W (50/60Hz)
Maximum power consumption[ kw ]5/7
Operating Temperature[℃ ]5-40
Humidity[ % ]< 95
Laser level4


Designated parts cleaning or stripping process

Oil stains cleaning

Food industry production line cleaning 

Restoration and preservation of monuments

Print roller cleaning

Exact location or size paint stripping process

Surface cleaning before joining or painting