Rofin DpssL Module Repair

Rofin 100D 50D 30D laser module refurbishment

>Replace old diode laser bar only without change apperrance
>Competitive price
>Over 10000hours life time

Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Co., Ltd is able to provide lasers diodes repair and refurbishment services for various laser heads from different manufacturers all over the world. Our experienced engineers are able to repair different laser heads and provide after-sale services, including:

● Rofin’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads (100D 50D 30D)

● LEE Laser’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads

● FOBA’s Diode Pumped Laser Heads

● Northrop Grumman (Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser)’s laser heads, including RB, RE and other series

● Jenoptik's laser diode stack

●  Delas's laser diode stack 

●  Other DPSS laser heads from NEC and etc

Note: Nrothrop Grumman, Cutting Edge Optronics, CEO Laser, Rofin, FOBA, Han’s Laser, Jenoptik, Delas, NEC Almalasers, Soprano, SopranoICE, elaser, elase are trade marks which belong to the companies above.


Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Co., Ltd provides various services to both laser manufacturers and end users.

●  Local Services with Fast Speed

Usually regular laser heads can be repaired and returned within 3 days. It will reduce the cost for cutting down the product lines for the industry manufacturers.

●  High Quality Diodes

The repaired DPSS lasers will be equal or even better than original laser heads in performance, with powerful output power and excellent beam quality.

●  Lower Cost

Reduce the cost for laser system maintenance

●  Long Time Warranty

The repaired laser heads will be promised at least one year warranty.

●  Flexible Customization for Special Laser Heads